Turkey/Spain Base Maintenance Contract

Turkey/Spain Base Maintenance Contract

The Turkey/Spain Base Maintenance Contract was awarded by the Air Force to Vectrus in 2014. This contract covers base maintenance services at four locations in Turkey and one location in Spain. This includes Fire & Emergency Services.

Morón Air Base in Southern Spain is one of these locations. It’s about 90 minutes from Rota Naval Air Station. The department operates one station providing structural, ARFF, and technical rescue services. The majority of the workforce are Spanish National Firefighters, however, the majority of the leadership is American. There are a handful of American Firefighter slots available.

This contract does not provide housing or transportation. New employees are expected to find a rental and square away their own transportation within two weeks upon arrival. The pay is much lower than most contracts but the schedule offers 20 days off per month and plenty of European travel opportunities.


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