Kuwait Base Operations Fire Department

Kuwait Base Operations Fire Department

Currently, Vectrus holds the contract for fire & Emergency Services as part of the Kuwait Base Operations Security & Support Services(KBOSSS) contract.  The contract was awarded to another company a while back but that was contested and pulled. Vectrus is still operating this contract.

The fire department operates 8 or 9 fire stations throughout the State of Kuwait. Four stations on Camp Arifjan, one station at the Kuwait Naval Base, one station at the Seaport of Debarkation, two more at Camp Buehring. Their services include Structural, Aircraft, First response EMS, Heavy Rescue, Technical Rescue, and more. Transport and Paramedic level EMS is currently provided by George Washington University Medical.

Housing accommodations are provided off base in various locations. Transportation is typically provided with shared vehicles. The schedule is 48 on, 48 off. The staffing in Kuwait consists of American Captains and Chiefs with Other Country Nationals (OCNs) filling in firefighter and crew chiefs roles. These other country nationals are typically Filipino, Bosnian, Serbian, and Indian.

Kuwait is the 3rd wealthiest country on the planet and the quality of life is high. Modern malls, many different American chain restaurants including PF Changs, Cheesecake Factory, Olive Garden, Applebees, and all the fast foods.

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